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Capricciosa Ristorante Italiano

174, FuXing North Road
(02) 2719-9219
Hours: 11:30 am-11 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
Nearby parking available.

--By Josie Wu Translated by Cara Steenstra

Capricciosa is a Japanese restaurant chain established in 1977, specializing in authentic Sicilian-style cuisine. In Italian, capricciosa means "spontaneity" and conjures up images of spontaneous gatherings in little Italian eateries where everyone enjoys deliciously satisfying food while having a great time.
Capricciosa launched a trend in Japan of offering Italian cuisine with affordable prices and friendly service. Extremely popular amongst young women and families alike, Capricciosa arrived in Taiwan with its 144th branch, offering the same generous portions and unique flavors. Their open kitchen allows you to watch the skilled chefs prepare your pizzas and other dishes.
With a passion for the culinary arts, Chef Getzby recommends a few of his customers' favorites, such as the traditional Tuna and Squid with Capricciosa Dressing, on an Italian Salad (NT$280 for two to three people). The dressing stirs up your appetite and has solidly retained its popularity for 30 years.
There are over a dozen choices of pasta, priced between NT$390 and NT$430 for two to three people each. The emphasis is pastas with a slightly chewy "al dente" texture. Without this, it would be like eating pasta that has no soul, according to manager Amber. The Penne in a Sicilian Style Spicy "Arrabiata" Tomato Sauce (NT$390) is known for its "arrabiata" (meaning "red in the face") spiciness, so it's probably worth communicating just how spicy you'd like yours.
Capricciosa's attractive-looking, big oven -- seen as you walk in the door -- is a clue that the pizzas here also should not be missed. The classic Calzone (NT$350) contains Italian sausage, bacon, tomatoes and other ingredients. The 300-gram Firenze Style Roasted Rib Eye Steak (NT$720), is first seared with a high flame, then slow roasted over low flame to maintain the meat's tenderness. Then cashew nuts, crushed peanuts, thyme, rosemary and others ingredients are added to give it an appetizing aroma.
The World Famous Capricciosa Pumpkin Pie (NT$120) is a must-try dessert with smooth, fluffy white cream mixed in with fragrant pumpkin, making you wish you had a much bigger appetite. Also available is Italian beer and a non-alcoholic drink, Virgin Breeze (NT$90).