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Ambassador Taipei: Toxin-free Organic Cuisine Restaurant

(02) 2100-2100, ext.2377 Lobby Lounge
63, ZhongShan North Road, Section 2
Hours:Mondays to Fridays Organic Lunch Time Salad Bar,
Saturday/Sunday Organic Brunch--Environmental Protection
Family Day 10:30 am-2 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

--By Josie Wu, translated by Cara Steenstra

"Lohas" (lifestyle of health and sustainability) is a new concept originating overseas. It teaches love of personal health, organic food and promotion of activities aimed towards health and protection of the Earth. In response, the Ambassador Taipei Hotel has established Taiwan's first five-star organic restaurant in cooperation with Uni-President Organic Shop and Shou Fong Township Farmers' Association. Ingredients are carefully selected to create toxin-free organic dishes. During weekday lunch hours, there is a light meal salad bar (NT$450). Tuesday is Lady's Day, with a 10-percent discount. Organic Brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays. The buffet is NT$680, and there is also a choice of three main courses, including Fillet Steak with Italian Style Herbs and Vegetable Sauce, Mediterranean Style Lamb Chops with Pesto Sauce, and British Style Roast Chicken with Rosemary. There is a 50-percent discount for kids and elderly before the end of June.

A. Low-sodium, low-fat, low-sugar, pollution-free. Everything from water and meat products to sauces feature organic ingredients. Preparation utilizes the simplest methods to recapture natural flavors.
B. The head chef prepares dishes with exotic flavors, including American Style Sandwiches, Vegetable Pita Roll, Thai Style Vegetable Satay, Japanese Style Rice Balls, and Indian Curry with Stewed Seasonal Vegetables.