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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, February, 2006.

B. W House

41, ChangChun Street, Hsinchu City
(03) 666-1630 Fax: (03) 563-9612
Hours: 11 am-11 pm
Closed Mondays.


--By Kristy Liu Translated by Cara Steenstra

Walk into B?W House and the blue interior lighting instantly relaxes you. The center of attention here is the large-screen TV, which allows you to enjoy your favorite programs while you dine. There is also a karaoke machine and broadband Internet available for customers to use at no extra charge.

During the new year period, there are lunchtime specials on offer, featuring dishes such as the Basil Garlic Clam with White Wine Sauce Pasta, Venetian Seafood Risotto in Tomato Sauce, and Indian Onion Curry as well as vegetarian dishes. Apart from a la carte menu, you can also try their set meals, which come with a minestrone soup, bread and dessert. For dinner specials, there is a choice of steak dinners and special salads, as well as an even wider variety of vegetarian dishes. The Chef's Salad is another delightful option well worth trying.

B?W House also offers light meals and afternoon tea sets for take-away. Order 10 to 20 light meals and enjoy special offers. If you order an Afternoon Tea Healthy Drumstick Set or two or more slices of cake, you can enjoy free drinks, too.
Apart from dining, those who are interested in styling their hair and photography are in luck. Customers spending over NT$200 at B?W House can enjoy a haircut, perm or coloring by appointment at a special discount. This unique one-on-one service is provided by an experienced hairstylist who has a special contract with the restaurant's owner. The humorous owner also loves photography and, if you come all dressed up and have a meal here, will be very happy to take a few photographs of you free of charge to take home (limited availability each day).

To find this restaurant, come off the Hsinchu freeway interchange at the 95-kilometer mark, head towards ZhuDong and, kitty-corner to the first petrol station you encounter, is ChangChun Street. You can find a parking space first and then walk into the lane.