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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, December, 2005.

SiPing Hot Pot


SiPing Hot Pot
(02) 2561-1412
45, SiPing Street
Hours: 11 am-10:30 pm
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.
Paid parking lot available.


By Josie Wu Translated by Yvonne Chen

Hot pots are a winter favorite, but this restaurant's "northeast sour cabbage white meat pot" has a unique traditional northeastern Chinese flavor to it. It has been named the "SiPing Hot Pot" in memory of the owner's Si Ping-born teacher, while the restaurant also happens to be on SiPing Street.

Celebrities frequently drop by to devour SiPing's famed hot pots. In the blink of an eye, nearly 14 years have passed as the restaurant has expanded to accommodate a growing number of customers. A row of red lanterns above the entrance greets diners and, on chilly days, the sight of hot charcoal pits with the steaming-hot, delicious aromas will have you salivating.
Although owner Mr. Huang is not a Chinese northerner, he has been an apprentice since childhood. Over 50 years old, he has garnered nearly 40 years experience. "Spent my whole life making sour cabbage white meat pot. Never done anything else!" he says proudly. He adds that making his food authentic is easier said than done; without solid skills and experience, the taste will be off. In one sitting, he makes 20 cisterns of sour cabbage. Each cistern has about 180 kilograms of Chinese cabbage, immersed in Kaoliang liquor and then compressed down with a large rock so that the cabbage shrivels slowly and ferments to produce a sour flavor. For the white meat portion, a fatty pork layer with the skin on is used. Paired with the cabbage, there is less grease and more fragrance.

The hot pot is filled with fried meatballs, shrimp, bean noodles, fish balls, crabs, clams and frozen tofu. Dipped in condiments like Chinese chive sauce, fermented bean curd, minced garlic, hot oil and shrimp oil, the hot pot warms the body from head to toe. The soup stock is sour and refreshing, too. Each pot is available for three prices: NT$780, NT$1,360 and NT$1,680. Beef and lamb slices are also available.

In addition, there are also a few signature dishes to try, like the Smoked Shredded Chicken (NT$290), Li Shan Celery (NT$260), Braised Silver Carp w/ Green Onion (NT$320), Crispy Skin Fatty Intestine (NT$360), Sweet Meat Sauce in Bun (NT$50), Spicy Beef Tendon (NT$290), and Triple White Abalone (NT$520). At the end of the meal, don't forget to try SiPing Hot Pot's unique flaming ice cream!