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8, Alley 15, Lane 345, RenAi Road, Section 4
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--By Timothy Liang, translated by Cara Steenstra

What happens when Chinese cuisine and Japanese cuisine meet? Salt--that indispensable flavoring around the world--is also the name of this restaurant, in an alley off YenJi Street, where minimalist Japanese atmosphere meets a new interpretation of Shanghainese cuisine. The decor at Salt mainly consists of brown and olive green colors with loads of wooden furniture. Sculpted lighting fixtures illuminate the bar area, while the tall, thick, heavy wooden chairs feel welcoming and go well with nonstop jazz music. In a departure from most Chinese restaurants, Salt enhances your audio-visual enjoyment while you indulge your taste buds. At noontime, the restaurant offers business lunch sets for NT$200 and seats are hard to get on most days. During afternoon tea time, Salt is transformed into a coffee shop that sells pancakes, bagels, cakes, sandwiches and different coffees and cold drinks. Many customers are also impressed with the restaurant's versatility, thanks to their authentically delicious Shanghainese dishes, such as the Old Shanghai Smoked Fish (NT$210), Stone Pot Shark's Fin (NT$480), TongPo Pork (NT$380) and XiaoXing Drunken Chicken (NT$240).