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Rive Gauche' 16


16-1, FuXing Rd, Hsinchu City
(03) 528-0198
Hours: 11:30 am-10 pm
(closed Tuesdays)
Parking available nearby


By Kristy Liu Translated by Yvonne Chen

A second visit to Rive Gauche' 16 felt a bit diffferent, as the tables are now adorned with flowers and there are new drapes and lampshades along with exquisite English Curio dishware. All this lends the restaurant a quaint European ambiance. Combined with a constantly changing menu, there is always something to look forward to on your next visit.
The main dishes here are authentic Italian items with an assortment of spaghettis. The popular Blue Belt Chicken Roll is fragrantly tender and juicy. If you're not in a hurry, try their signature dish, the "Pumpkin Chicken Roasts the food", in which an assortment of ingredients are sauteed with spices, then roasted over a small flame for 15 minutes. This is especially time consuming but well worth a try. I recommend that you spend an additional NT$45 and get the full meal set which, besides cheese baguette sticks, also comes with a choice of cakes brought to your table for your selection. To go with your dessert, the waiters will also recommend the best beverages from a list of available herb and fruit teas. Their considerate, thoughtful service shows through in these details.

Rive Gauche' 16 celebrates its anniversary in October. Aside from the usual regularly-changing menu, they're also presenting a new Filet Steak, served with a red wine sauce and limited to five prior-reservation orders per day. This new course, thawed and cooked that day, comes with an appetizer, soup, bread, dessert and beverage for a total price of NT$499. The restaurant will also be presenting a series of events and specials, which customers can check via phone or website.
The dishes are priced between NT$260 and NT$360. The friendly, handsome owner recommends that his customers make reservations early, not only to secure a table but also to receive a delicious appetizer for free.