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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, September, 2005.

Believe it or not: In-flight meals can be delicious, too!

Singapore Airlines


By Josie Wu Translated by Cara Steenstra, Li-fan Chen, Irene Chiang

In the past, in-flight meals were not generally something that passengers looked forward to. However, all that has started to change, as many airlines are striving to bring great food onto their aircraft in order to provide passengers with a satisfactory dining experience, especially during long-distance flights.

This summer vacation, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is bringing famous chefs and abalone onto their flights. It has introduced the "Shi Quan Shi Mei" in-flight banquet, allowing passengers to experience great food from the ground while up in the air. SIA has invited top international Chinese cuisine specialist Sam Leong and others to design 10 delightful Chinese dishes according to the city that a flight departs from, in order to reflect the local food culture. For example, flights between Taipei and Singapore will enjoy Braised Abalone with Prawn Meat Ball in Ah Yat's Superior Sauce, Braised Pork Rib with Sour Plum Sauce, Baked Cod with Foie Gras in Light Soy Sauce, and Three Cup Chicken. All dishes are made from the freshest seasonal ingredients, so that First Class passengers (traveling between Singapore and Taipei, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Beijing and Shanghai) will find their in-flight meals a luxurious enjoyment. SIA understands that passengers who fly around the globe have different tastes and needs so, as early as 1996, it launched the "Book The Cook" service. This allows First Class and Raffles Class passengers to pre-order meals from the chef, according to their personal preferences as well as religious and health requirements. Altogether, there are 14 cities in the world that provide this unique service.