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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, September, 2005.

Le ble d'or: Not just another

100, DunHua North Road
Asia World Courtyard (next to Holiday Inn)
(02) 8712-8512
Hours: 5 pm-2 am; Sunday 4 pm-1 am


By Mark Payne Translated by Vivian Ko Morano

Over the past year or more, Le ble d'or has been carving out a reputation as a very decent micro-brewery. In October, 2004, it was covered in a Taiwanfun special feature on this fast-growing market (you can still read this on our website: www.taiwanfun.com). However, although some people seem to try, man does not live by beer alone. Food is both a necessity of life and one of its greatest pleasures. And, at Le ble d'or, they serve up some mighty fine and pleasurable necessities.
The menu includes such treats as German Bratwurst (NT$120), Veal Sausages (NT$150) and the hearty and expertly prepared German-style Pork Knuckle-a steal at NT$380 and well worth a try. Other dishes that come recommended are the Roast Chilli Seabass (NT$220), the Spicy Cuttlefish (NT$220) and the classic BBQ Beef Ribs (NT$360). They also turn out a mighty fine Seafood Spaghetti Marinara (NT$300) and a mean Hungarian Baked Beef Stew with rice (NT$280).

If you're just looking to snack and keep some room for more beer (or to soak up previous consumption), then the Deep-Fry selection will not be a disappointment. Whether it's a serving of delectable French Fries (fried with herbs and totally tasty), Crispy Soft-Shelled Crab or fresh Golden Fried Halibut-you crave, Le ble d'or won't let you down (prices from NT$80-280). If it feels too hot to indulge in such tasty treats and/or you're in a health conscious mood, you can go for a freshly prepared Caesar Salad (NT$180).

With all that great food successfully tucked away, the only thing left to do is sit back and relax in the great outdoors, accompanied by a couple of glasses of the good stuff. There are three types of beer available: the Munchner Helles (cool, crisp lager), the Hefe-Weissbier(the perfect summer tipple) and the Munchner Dunker Stout. Prices start from NT$120 for 350cc (Munchner Helles) and rise to NT$1,350 for a five-liter pitcher (the other two run from NT$150/350cc to NT$1,500/ 5L). Also, for those sizzling summer nights, you can cool down with a refreshing beer slush. The Rasperry Stout Slush (NT$150) is especially worth a go.
For great beer and hearty food in a great urban al fresco environment, Le ble d'or is a perfect place to visit this summer. With live music on Friday and Saturday evenings, what are you waiting for?