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Pepper Lunch


98, ZhongXiao East Road, Sec. 4, 4F

停業 Closed

A DIY steak restaurant? Pepper Lunch is a very popular chain restaurant in Japan, with over a hundred branches. The decor, atmosphere and presentation of the dishes all exude an air of youthfulness. This is an affordable steakhouse that caters to younger customers. The fun of dining here is that you get to decide just how well-cooked you want your steak to be. Newcomers have to be aware that the specially patented 280- degree Pepper Lunch hotplate will cook your steak very quickly. Apart from flipping your food, the manager taught me a handy trick, that is, to place your meat on top of your vegetables to avoid overcooking. The beef here is imported from the same farm in Japan; there are 15 choices altogether. There is the Shimofuri Steak (NT$240) that is solely available here at Pepper Lunch. The Hamburg Steak & Fried Egg (NT$200) is made from pure beef; slightly spicy, it is juicily delicious! If you like to eat rice, the Beef Pepper Rice (NT$170) is highly recommended. Thinly sliced beef surrounds a mound of green pepper and sweet corn rice-mix it all together and eat it while it is hot. If you want to try two main courses at once, Pepper Lunch has a dish called Hitokuchi Steak & Chicken Stu' te (NT$280).

--By Dionysus, translated by Cara Steenstra