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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, February, 2005.
Xi Sha Sha Japanese Shabu Shabu Xi Sha Sha Japanese Shabu Shabu

63, BuoAi Road
停業 Closed

"Shabu Shabu" means "hot pot" in Japanese. "Xi" is the Chinese character for happiness, Which is also the owner Mr. Chang's wish: that customers would come here to enjoy Japanese-style hot pot happily. Different from the usual low- end hot pot restaurants, Xi Shabu Shabu's style is more high- class Japanese. The restaurant is situated in the basement. One is welcomed by green bambooat the entrance. The atmosphere is comfortable and "zen" like. Xi Shabu Shabu insists upon using the best, 100%-fresh ingredients. The fresh shrimp in the seafood hotpot are top grade. Inside bamboo containers are specially-made minced squid and minced meat, which customers then make into little balls using wooden spoons and put into their hotpots. The soup base is made from a varierty of mushrooms, apples and carrots, creating a golden-colored vegetarian soup, thereby catering to both vegetarians and meat lovers. Japanese-style orange paste and radish paste sauces help bring out the flavors of the hot pot ingredients. The hot pots come in eight different main ingredients, and are priced between NT$260 and NT$490. The quality definitely makes the price worthwhile. --By Shanzi Chen, translated by Cara Steenstra