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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, February, 2005.
Doner Kebab Turkish Grill

11, Lane 113, MinSheng E. Rd, Sec 3; (02) 8712-0311
Hours¡G10 am-10 pm
Credit cards not accepted.



In the alley next to the Sherwood Hotel is the first Turkish kebab restaurant of its kind in Taipei-the Doner Kebab Turkish Grill. Doner kebab in Turkish uses revolving barbeque, a Middle Eastern specialty. The young owner, Hsu Meng Kai is a lover of good food, which made him move from sales and marketing into the world of restaurants. While studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, he noticed that doner kebabs were seen all over Australia, and were also popular in Europe, America and South Africa. A lot of people prefer doner kebabs to the seemingly less healthy hamburgers. At Doner Kebab Turkish Grill, there are no traditional Turkish decorations, but the space is simply decorated in orange and yellow Middle Eastern tones and traditional Arabic patterns. Beef shoulder chops with tendons removed are minced, then mixed with vegetables and herbs for the barbeque. The chicken is a combination of chicken drumstick and chicken breast meat. These can be eaten with either Turkish bread or wholewheat bread. Crispy on the outside with juicy vegetables, freshly barbequed meat and a sauce inside, a lot of people fall in love with it at first bite. These kebabs sell for NT$110 each. There are other interesting choices such as the Sis Kebab and the Iskender Kebab. Their highly recommended dessert rice pudding is not available anywhere else. --By Josie Wu, translated by Cara Steenstra