Tandoor: First stop on a cultural journey to India

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

10, Lane 73, HoJiang St.
(02) 2509-9853 / 2505-4870
9, 13 Lane, TianMu W St.
(04) 2876-7206
Homepage: http://www.tandoor.com.tw
Hours:12-2:30 pm,6-10:30 pm
Credit cards accepted; 10% service charge

By Josie Wu

India is an ancient country, and if you want to get to know Indian culture, a visit to Tandoor could be a good first step. Tandoor is perhaps the most authentic Indian restaurant in Taiwan. The owner, Mr. Raju Relwani, has always insisted on using real Indian chefs and spices. He imports the spices--the soul of Indian food--so customers can enjoy truly authentic Indian food.

Drinking a Lassy (NT$80), or a King Fisher Beer from India (NT$100), with some appetizers is a good start. Chicken Tandoori (NT$440/whole; NT$290/half), which features skinless and fatless drum sticks covered with spices, is the most popular starter. Mutton Vindaloo (NT$300) is curried lamb with heavier spices. Daal Makhani (NT$220) is a vegetarian dish strongly recommended by the manager, Ms. Hsiao, who says she can't resist it.

The proper way to eat Indian food is to use your hands and dip Naan bread (NT$50) into the sauces. Some might ask why the curry is so soupy, or complain there is not enough meat in it. This is because curry is an Indian staple, and so many different recipes provide many different flavors.

Curry is said to be good for our immune system, while different ingredients benefit different organs. And the dessert provides balance after the spicy main course: Gulab Jamun is milk-based and has sweet syrup.

Indian cuisine has northern and southern variations; Tandoor serves Northern royal fare. First timers can come on the weekend and enjoy the popular buffet lunch. (Hours: Sat-Sun 12-2:30 pm)