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Goober Gun
Ian Hardwick

Goober Gun
Tim Hardwick

Goober Gun
Paul Dymott

Goober Gun spreads Brit rock across Taiwan and Asia

By Derek Kensinger Translated by Angel Pu

Watch out, the British are coming! Like a geographically-mirrored/reversed version of the Beatles-led invasion of the 1960s international music scene, the Brit rockers of the band Goober Gun are storming through Asia, combining Def Leppard-ish, arena rock arrangements with Jimmy Eat World confessional lyrics and vocals.

Goober Gun is a three-piece Southampton, UK band formed by versatile brothers Ian (lead singer) and Tim (drummer) Hardwick, joined by the dynamic Paul Dymott on lead guitar. The band is named after a toy gun they used as kids, reminiscent of a classic Beatles ballad, "I'll never lose affection for...things that went before", on the surface pop-based but at the same time deeply nostalgic.

This yin-and-yang-like sentiment reigns true on the band's masterpiece "Monster", with similarly sweet-and-sour lyrics: "Pass along the wisdom, stories of losing love...forever a smile on your face." This song, along with other recent cuts, is available on goobergun.com and the insightful indievox.com, where the band is described in Verve-like Bittersweet Symphony-fashion as "emotional yet powerful".

While the similarities between Goober Gun and major acts like Genesis are clear, their fans have the major advantage of being able to enjoy them up close and personal in more listener-conducive venues. The band always packs the house wherever they go (so far to England, Scotland, Wales, the Netherlands, Mexico, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Macau and, now, Taiwan), so make sure you get to its shows early for the best views.

Currently, the band plays twice weekly--at the Red Wolf in Tainan and Gaga in Chiayi--both close enough to pop down from Taichung for a well-worthwhile listen. In February, Goober Gun will also tour Thailand again. They have always enjoyed playing Taichung in the past at Retro and 89K and, when they return in March from Thailand, said that they would love to play at The Refuge.

Overall, this band's members love Taiwan as a place to play between tours of neighboring Asian countries, noting, "Taiwan gives us a great environment to write new songs, do a bit of recording...make new friends...and get ready for the next tour". They also laud the island as the friendliest country they've ever visited. Feel free to befriend them on Facebook.com, where you can stay updated on the progress of their latest EP release, slated for March. Goober Gun would aso like to thank everyone who saw them on their last tour (including 2011 Spring Scream) and look forward to seeing their fans at a show soon.

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