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Emily DavidBy Emily David
Translated by Angel Pu

Emily David is DJ at International Community Radio Taiwan (ICRT).




Transition: A transplanted UK band champions Taiwan through music

Having been in Taiwan for the better part of the last decade, it makes me infinitely proud to see how the local music scene has grown and evolved over the years. And while it's always great to hear Taiwanese artists promoting the island's culture, it's even more amazing to hear of foreigners embracing what most of us here were born to know--that there is a whole lot more to Taiwan than initially meets the eye.

British band Transition was formed in 1997 by two sets of brothers (Josh and Jess Edbrooke, and Niall and Steve Dunne) who chose the name "Transition" to remind them that the band should always be progressing, changing and moving forward. Hugely and collectively inspired by Irish rock band U2, Transition's musical influences also include Radiohead, DC Talk, Delirious, Jeff Buckley, Newsboys, The Beatles and Lifehouse, as well as Taiwanese artists such as David Tao.

Their Taiwan connection is one of the most interesting parts of the Transition story. It all started when the band's drummer, Josh, became friends with a Taiwanese student who stayed with his family in the UK as part of a home-stay program. After developing their music and touring in Europe for a number of years, Transition arrived in Taiwan for the first time at Spring Scream 2005, and the next day decided they would return to Taiwan at least once a year, which they did. Finally, in September, 2009, Transition moved to Taiwan and its members currently reside in Taipei.

Transition has released three albums: "Openhanded and Undetected", "Three Bridges", and "Borderlands". This year, it is also releasing a documentary that tells the story of how their music has led them to meet and work with many talented people in Taiwan. It is the band members' desire to introduce to UK audiences to the Taiwan that they have seen and known, in particular the creative and musical scene.

Transition is a great act to see live, so if you're reading this and you would like to invite them to do so at your favorite venue here in Taichung, just search Transition 前進樂團 on Facebook and join their group, or visit the following websites: ww.streetvoice.com/transition; www.transition.com.tw; www.wretch.cc/blog/transitiontw.

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