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Ronald Lin


Natural Q-Finding Common Grounds & Breaking out of the Norm

By Ronald Lin (Host of the HitFM Radio Network) Translated by Ann Lee
Pictures by Pumping Robot Studio


Natural Q

Album name:"Breaking out of the Cocoon"

Since releasing their debut album "C'est La Vie" in 1994, the two-piece band Natural Q has built up a strong local fan base. The band consists of lyricist/composer Chi-Ge and singer Wah-Wah, whose vocal stylings are sweet but not over-the-top. After releasing second album "C'est La Vie No. 2", the band temporarily split, a decision that shocked the fans of this up-and-coming group.

After a few solo projects, Chi-Ge formed another band called "Project Early- Independent 30-somethings" (their EP were also a great success), but he still missed the Natural Q days. He decided to reform the band and recruit a few new members. Now the group has put out a brand-new album called "Breaking out of the Cocoon".

The new Natural Q went from a two-piece to a four-piece band. New members include vocalist/violinist Riecky, percussionist and back-up vocalist Yang-Ming, and A-Lih on bass and back-up vocals. Chi-Ge is once again in charge of writing most of the songs, as well as singing lead and playing a couple of instruments. He is also in charge of production. This album is a great example of Chi-Ge's sharp observations and imagination when it comes to writing music and lyrics, as he uses a lot of heartfelt and cutesy metaphors to go along with its soothing melodies.

The genre of their music is categorized as indie pop, and also gives a slight hint of their style in the original Natural Q period. Chi-Ge has a sincere yet playful voice which compliments the lines of the violin. Their tender voices contrast well with the sometimes fast-pacing of some of the songs. Overall, it moves away from the Swedish pop style of the original band, into something that's a bit on the heavier side--more rock 'n' roll, so to speak.

With the new Natural Q, Chi-Ge seems to have really found his stride and effortlessly blends his old styles with new experiments, finding common ground between them. Because of all the changes, different styles and new musical ideas, the title "Breaking out of the Cocoon" suits this release perfectly.

Natural Q Natural Q

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