Vicky Cristina Barcelona


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Translated by Ann Lee

Vicky Cristina Barcelona 2008/10/09

Rating: PG-13 Romance/Comedy
Director: Woody Allen
Cast: Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson

When American girls Vicky and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) decide to visit Spain before Vicky's wedding, they meet a flamboyant artist (Javier Bardem) and his emotionally unstable ex-wife (Penelope Cruz). Soon the four embark on a romantic entanglement that none of them are soon to forget.


Body of Liess


Body of Liess 2008/10/10

Rating: R Drama/Thriller
Director: Ridley Scott
Cast: Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio

A former journalist (Leonardo DiCaprio) is employed by the CIA to track down an Al Qaeda leader in Jordan.





Empties 2008/10/10

Rating: R Comedy/Drama
Director: Jan Sverak
Cast: Zdenek Sverak

After leaving the classroom, Josef, a lonely and restless ex-teacher can't stand being at home all day, so he decides to start a new career as a grocer. While working in the supermarket and observing people's actions, he becomes a sort-of matchmaker and may even find a new man for his divorced daughter Helena.


What Just Happened?


What Just Happened? 2008/10/31

Rating: R Comedy/Drama
Director: Barry Levinson
Cast: Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, Bruce Willis

A fading Hollywood producer (Robert De Niro) is having a rough time trying to get his new picture made. To finish his project, he has to overcome an impossible director, hot-shot actors, his troublesome agent, and a wife who doesn't believe he can make it in the business.




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