2008 Women Make Waves Film Festival

2008 Women Make Waves Film Festival

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2008 Women Make Waves Film Festival

Touring the island from October 27 to December 31, the 15th annual Women Make Waves Film Festival will once again bring gender and sexuality issues to the forefront. This year's festival has six themes: "New Landscape of Women's Cinema", "Body, Family, and Desire", "Me, Myself and I", as well as "Country in Focus: Korean Passion", which displays the work of Korean female directors, "First Shots", which shows off the talent of young female directors worldwide, and "Taiwan Best", which presents an array of films by local Taiwanese female directors. There are a total of 76 films screenings during the festival, so there are plenty of chances to see the brilliant work of these women.

One of the opening films at the festival, "Dancing With 37 Arts", shows the story of a well-known Taiwanese dancer Hsu Fang-yi, the struggles that she encountered after moving back to Taiwan from New York, and the experiences of working on a project with a new dance company in Taiwan. In the summer of 2007, Hsu was invited to participate in the in-house residency program of the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York. She had to forget about her fame and her position as an internationally known dancer, and train with young, amateur dancers. Though the experience was mentally and physically challenging, she insisted on going back to 37 Arts to continue her dancing career. This film details the life of a full-time dancer--the good and the bad, the drama, the joy, and of course Hsu's beautiful moves.

Another film "Forever the Moment", is derived from a true story about the Korean Women's Handball Team that attended the Athens Olympics in 2004. The cast of this film includes Kim Jung-Eun of "Lovers in Paris", Moon So-ri of "Four Gods", Jo Eun-Ji of "My Scary Girl", Jee-yeng Kim of "Old Miss Diary" and Uhm Tae-woong of "Devil". This best-selling blockbuster follows a professional handball coach who is asked to be the head coach for the South Korean Olympic team. The Korean team was considered an underdog--under-trained and wrought with problems from the beginning. The team's low comes when they even lose to a high school team during their training. When they finally get to the Olympics, what will happen? The film portrays professional athletes that need to get on top of their personal psychology if they're even going to come together as a team; in the wake of the recent Beijing Olympics, it's sure to "make waves" at the festival.

One of the closing films at the Women Make Waves Film Festival will be a Taiwanese film called "Artemisia" (Ai-tsao in Chinese) which discusses the differences in values between three generations in a family. Talented young actor Mo Zih-yi and actress Pan Li-li both give outstanding performances in the film. The script and the style of acting are both wonderful making it definitely a film not to be missed at this year's festival.

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10/17 (Fri)-10/26 (Mon), Shin Kong Cineplex, Taipei City.
11/19 (Wed)-11/20 (Thu), Asia University, Management Building's
International Conference Hall, Room M001, Taichung
12/1 (Mon)-12/4 (Thu) at Tunghai University, Ming-Xian Hall, Taichung.
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