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Cultural and Creative products specialty stores-Be Still Seek Light, Solid Art Shop, Urtape, TPL-Stationery

Words and translated by Yinno Yeh

Be Still Seek Light

(04) 2327-0838
10, JingCheng 9th St, West Dist
Hours: 11:30 am -9 pm (closed Mon)

Be Still Seek Light is Taiwan's very first combination fountain pen shop and cafe, and aims to remind people not to forget the inexpressible warmth that is found in handwriting. A bar-style table againsts window features a variety of fountain pens and papers to test them on. There are also wooden tables where you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy writing while surrounded by soft music. Fountain pens. from entry to expert levels, and other related items such as ink and paper can all be found here, and courses and other activities are organized to build a stronger connection between pens and people.

Be Still Seek Light Be Still Seek Light

Be Still Seek Light


Solid Art Shop

(04) 2325-8108
12, Lane 10, DaRong E St, Xitun Dist
Hours: Wed-Fri 1:30-7:30 pm; Sat 11 am-7:30 pm
(closed Sun to Tue)

This shop--recognizable by its Bead Tree and small yard--has a casual, homey decor and ambiance and treats customers like friends. The central goal here isn't making a big profit but sharing and conveying a deep passion and love of books, stationery products, newspapers and other special items to those who stop in. Located on the second floor, the Solid Art Studio takes inspiration from daily life to design heart-touching, detail-oriented products. Exhibitions are also periodically organized to foster a stronger relationship between people and the arts.

Solid Art Shop Solid Art Shop



(04) 2473-9873
9, Lane 117, MeiCun Rd, West Dist
Hours: 12-9 pm (Mon 12-8 pm, closed Wed)

You can get your own uniquely customized Japanese decorative washi tape (NT$159-319) made at this shop within two weeks, simply by uploading photos and selecting texture and size on Urtape's website. Besides Urtape's in-house designs, it cooperates with talented ordinary people by offering them a platform to display their designs for washi tape, postcards, accessories, stamps and stationery products. Check-in with Urtape on Facebook to receive a free DIY postcard and delivery service.

Urtape Urtape




(04) 2301-9297
89, ShengPing St, West Dist
Hours: Tue-Sat 11 am-8 pm, Sun 11 am-6 pm

TPL-Stationery is a dream business for the young couple that runs this place and hopes that those traveling to different corners of the world can bring back reasonably-priced stationery from other countries. A brief history and features for such products are noted to make all stationery found here more than just products, but also stories. This elegant shop also offers simple teas and desserts, and exhibitions of calligraphy, paintings and other arts are sometimes held on the second floor (which can also be rented online by individuals and groups).

TPL-Stationery TPL-Stationery


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