Taichung Antique Stores-The Collector Antiques, Reborn Antique, Chi Ai Tang, Human Furniture

Translated by Anna Yang

The Collector Antiques

(04) 2560-5934
112-30, YongHe Rd, Daya Dist
Hours: 11 am-7:30 pm

The Collector Antiques houses a variety of antique and vintage furniture from the 1850s to the 1960s. Beautifully-crafted shelving, display cases, desk and sofas are elegantly displayed in a non-cluttered fashion, allowing customers to take in and examine each piece closely. The antiques originate primarily from Europe, but include some from the United States. Furniture is all handmade with many pieces retaining a factory-new look. Items of interest include a German-made piano with ivory keys, a hand-painted grandfather clock from the 1850s, a Chesterfield single sofa from the 1920s, and a mounted, legally-hunted lion. --By Taylor Melton

The Collector Antiques The Collector Antiques


Reborn Antique

31, Lane 53, FuXing Rd, Sec 3, South Dist
By appointment only

Reborn Antique offers a variety of small decorations coming from distinguished eras and backgrounds. Full of delightfully displayed items from the UK and US, cash registers, cameras, sewing machines and accessories, gramophones and dining ware neatly line shelves, with most items still being functional. This place is particularly noteworthy for book lovers, thanks to a varied selection of titles, including the works of Shakespeare, Goethe and Dickens (NT$1200-1800). This treasure chest provides items that range from as low as NT$320 for a collection of spoons with a rack up to NT$98,000 for a Thomas Edison phonograph from the early 20th century. --By Taylor Melton

Reborn Antique Reborn Antique Reborn Antique


Chi Ai Tang

0930-198-811 (Mr. Wang)
449-3, JianXing Rd, North Dist
Hours: 1-9 pm (closed Sun) (call before visiting)

This cozy shop is filled with all sorts of antique treasures, displayed in the front and back rooms and on a skylight-lit mezzanine level that lends to appealing ambiance here. Owner Mr. Wang started the business back in 1988 and continues to source a variety of large and small antiques from across China, where he also custom-makes wooden replica antique furniture and stone sculptures (like lion door guards) to order. The biggest woodworking project he has undertaken is all the interior wooden decor and cabinets in Taichung's famed Miyahara (Dawn Cake) pastry/ice cream/restaurant branch on ZhongShan Road. Besides wooden antique furniture, doors, screens, sculptures and other items, he sells attractive blue-and-white porcelain tea leaf holders from the late Qing dynasty/early ROC period. He also has a unique and extensive variety of antique Japanese iron teapots of all sizes (ranging from thousands to a million-plus NT dollars each), lacquer food boxes, and silver and porcelain sake pots and pitchers. --By Douglas Habecker, translated by Yinno Yeh

Chi Ai Tang Chi Ai Tang Chi Ai Tang


Human Furniture

0923-051-333 (Mr. Ren),
0923-052-333 (Ms. Hsieh)
37, ChongDe Rd, Sec 4,Tanzi Dist
Hours: 11 am-8:30 pm

Located a few hundred meters north of the Rt. 74 expressway, Human Furniture's warehouse-like, 925-square-meter store is filled to every corner with Chinese antiques and antique replicas, including all manner of tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, lamps, and beds. Antiques range from the tall, heavy wooden doors and ancient stone sculptures that are hundreds of years old, down to small multi-tiered baskets traditionally used for weddings, but now popular for tea-serving and other uses. The owners, who have been in business for a dozen years, noted that their genuine antiques are sourced from all over China, including Zhejiang, Chaozhou, Fujian, Shanghai and Shanxi, with fresh stock coming in every month. The store also sells new antique-style furniture (which can also be made to order) produced in China. Regular customers include local interior decorators, many foreigners and even mainland Chinese visitors, who ship their purchases back to China.--By Douglas Habecker

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