Guoguang Flower Market

(04) 2483-2770
100, GuoGuang Rd, Sec 2, Dali Dist
Hours: Sat-Sun 9 am- 6 pm

In existence for over 30 years, Guoguang Flower Market has 320 vendors and 7,934 square meters of space. The main distinguishing features here are two sections for floral vendors and flower pottery and handicraft vendors. This enormous garden-like market's colorful flower varieties include orchids, magnolias, butterfly orchids, kumquat trees and daisies, with prices ranging from NT$150 to the thousands of NT dollars, depending on flower and pottery types and sizes. There are also various cacti (small NT$10) and succulent plants (NT$30-100) for sale, in addition to handicraft and art items, antiques, gardening tools, toys and local snacks. This attractive, maze-like market, filled with pleasant fragrances, is a convenient holiday destination for families, thanks in part to its parking lot out back. --By Jason Chen, translated by Anna Yang

Guoguang Flower Market Guoguang Flower Market Guoguang Flower Market

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