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Ceramic Decorative Color Co., Ltd.

Create your own customized ceramic products!

28, JianHe Rd, Sec. 1, Taiping Dist.

Ceramic Decorative Color Co. was established in 2015 and has a strong reputation for ceramic coloring. Its services include professional digital ceramic printing and product customization for customers, and it has cooperated with Taiwanese cultural and creative industry businesses as well as many restaurant chains. This background and experience enables the company to offer a variety of service options for high-quality ceramic products.

Ceramic products on the market generally use low-temperature transfer printing, which causes graphics on these items to easily fade and is inappropriate for kitchen utensils. Consequently, such products end up being used as decorative art because they cannot be properly washed or cleaned.

Using high-temperature transfer printing on these products instead is also a more expensive and time-consuming alternative. Therefore, Ceramic Decorative Color Co. adapts high-resolution digital transfer printing techniques that allow graphics to be easily printed and affixed onto ceramic products at temperatures higher than 800 degrees Celsius throughout the whole process. Graphics are imprinted onto the smooth surface of products which are safe to use with low lead levels meeting national standard inspection requirements.

The company provides customized ceramic business gift or souvenir products, and restaurants can also print special logos on ceramic dining plates and utensils in order to create unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Every customized product is made with safe ceramic colors supplied by appointed Japanese dealers and is printed with personalized artistic quality. The ultimate goal of these services is to offer customers an exquisite and attractive array of options when it comes to ceramic products.

Ceramic Decorative Color Co., Ltd. Ceramic Decorative Color Co., Ltd.

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