Shuen Li Yin

Shuen Li Yin

Translated by Anna Yang

87, SanMin Rd, Sec 3, North Dist
(04) 2223-1882
Hours: 1-10 pm

Located just a block north of Taichung Park (台中中山公園), Shuen Li Yin is a great place to find high-end camping and hiking gear for reasonable prices. If you just need a tent to go camping with once or twice and then get rid of, then any hypermarket could supply you with cheaper, lower-end gear. But if you're more of a committed camper or hiker, then it's certainly worthwhile to drop by this store and take a look. If you want to get fully kitted out, Shuen Li Yin can provide tents (NT$4100 for 4-person tent), sleeping mats (NT$360), sleeping bags (NT$1580), gas stoves (NT$1800), gas canister refills (NT$85), battery-operated lamps (NT$1150), and a complete cooking ware set (NT$2200). In most cases, you can also opt to purchase bigger, better and specialized versions of the above items. The store regularly offers 20% discounts as well as special offers for large orders. --By Daniel White

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