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Ninja Factory Trampoline Park

Ninja Factory Trampoline Park

Ninja Factory Trampoline Park

Ninja Factory Trampoline Park

(04) 2317-3377
886, Taiwan Blvd, Sec 2, B1, Xitun Dist
Hours: Mon-Thu 10 am-9 pm, Fri-Sun 9 am-10 pm
NT$270/hour per person (members NT$250);
NT$1,000 annual membership (with 4 free passes, 1 pair of socks)
Cash only.

First of its kind in Taichung, this 1,985-square-meter facility offers healthy, bouncing fun for adults and kids from ages 2 and up. Eight areas include a children's area (under 120 cm tall), Taiwan's only trampoline dodgeball/basketball court, a Jump Aerobics Area with three weekly classes, Half-Pipe Area with sloped walls to bounce off of, and Olympic trampoline, where one can practice flips into a foam pit. A birthday party room can also be specially rented --By Douglas Habecker, translated by S. Ying

A. Ninja Factory is the brainchild of Chilean CEO Rodrigo Zavala.

B. Inspired by the "Ninja Warrior" obstacle-course TV series, Rodrigo personally designed the one-of-a-kind Ninja Obstacle Course. Adult participants can run through the timed 12-obstacle course, including cargo nets, ropes, wall climb and slack line (most difficult). Coaches are available to assist and weekly contests are planned.

C. The black trampoline areas are lined with hot-pink walking pads. Special for-sale silicon-striped socks (NT$99) give customers extra grip.

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