Sanli Tatami

(04) 2301-2086
143, ZhongXing St, West Dist
Hours: 8 am-10 pm
Cash only.

A typical Japanese-style "washitsu" room has tatami flooring, known for being cool in summer, warm in winter, and a healthy, firm sleeping surface. Sanli Tatami is a specialty tatami maker located in the busy Park Lane by CMP neighborhood. The owner learned this fading art from his father, who studied traditional tatami-making with the Japanese during their rule over Taiwan. Sanli distinguishes itself from traditional web stores or big retailers by using machines plus handmade customization to make tatami, and by providing personalized house visits to measure floors and perfectly customize tatami to customers' households. High-quality materials and handmade clements are applied to every product, limiting production quantity. Besides traditional Japanese tatami, the shop also sells the recently-popular Liuqiu tatami, giving buyers more options for creating Japanese-style rooms in their homes.

Sanli Tatami Sanli Tatami
Left: Hand-stitched tatami edges
Right: Tatami can be customized to different bed sizes.

Sanli Tatami Sanli Tatami
Left: Small finished products
Right: Tatami is made in this storefront shop.

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