Lee Guitars

Lee Guitars

By Paul Adams
Translated by S. Ying

(04) 2329-8728
71, GuanQian Rd, West Dist
Hours: Mon-Fri 2-10 pm; Sat-Sun 11 am-10 pm

Taichung's music scene is well served by a host of budget and mid-range priced instrument stores. However, Lee Guitars noticed a niche for high-end, boutique shops, just like its shop on GuanQian Road. This is not a store for beginner guitarists. The instruments, made partly in Taipei and partly in Beijing, start at around NT$20,000 and go as high as NT$200,000. However, for those with a little more cash, or simply people who appreciate quality design and a well-made instrument, there's plenty to see. You can often hear visiting guest musicians playing some from their repertoires and browse a collection of classical guitar CDs. The range of available merchandise is actually rather impressive, covering everything from custom-made plectrums and capos to T-shirts designed by local artists. There's even freshly-brewed coffee available to keep you going while you browse and try out the guitars yourself.

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