Dong Fong Yache

By Uvia Chang
Translated by S. Ying

101, WuQuan W 3rd St, West Dist
(04) 2372-6313
Hours: 12-9 pm
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.

It takes home decorations and art to add lively colors and style to your interior design. Pottery items from Taiwanese artists are the main items for sale here, but you'll also find Taiwanese specialty teas, Chinese traditional-style clothing, and various teapots and teacups made of cast iron, stone, porcelain and clay. The first floor has a wide range of traditional-looking Chinese clothes by Taiwanese designers who use natural plant dyes and cotton or cotton blends to make these items very comfortable and breathable. Upstairs is an open area for guests to practice "shado", the art of brewing tea, using full tea sets in a traditional setting. You can also bring your own tea leaves to practice tea-making, with a minimum NT$150 per-person charge including tea and snacks. Available classes cover tips on using tea sets and familiarization with tea-making essentials.

Dong Fong Yache Dong Fong Yache Dong Fong Yache
Left: Stone teapot
Medium: Hand-dyed clothing
Right: Shado, the art of brewing tea

Dong Fong Yache Dong Fong Yache
Left: Cast iron teapot
Right: Various teapots and teacups

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