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Le Cellier des Le Poetes

Words and photos by Cheryl Huang & Daniel White
Translated by Angela Cheng

(04) 2327-2924
331, Taiwan Blvd, Sec 2, West Dist.
Hour: Mon-Fri 1-10 pm; Sat 1-5 pm (closed Sun)
Credit cards accepted.

Walk into this wine shop and you'll be impressed by its broad selection. The Taiwanese owner is a true wine lover who believes that wine not only complements Western cuisine but should also be a regular part of Taiwanese dining and culture. The shop mainly sells white wines for reasonable prices, averaging about NT$1,000/bottle but ranging from about NT$600 up to a pricier NT$4,000. Customers will discover that many of the white wines here go well with Taiwanese entrees, Hakka cuisine, spicy Sichuan dishes and more, or one can be creative and combine a fruit wine with a dessert like ice cream. Most wines found at Le Cellier des Poetes are sourced from small French wineries and the owner regularly leads the shop staff on visits to these wineries to gain a better understanding of these wines' backgrounds and production. The shop also has an in-house sommelier who can help you easily find the best wine for any dish or occasion. Clearly, this shop sells not only wine but also wine culture, the winemakers themselves and the stories behind these wines.

Le Cellier des Le Poetes Le Cellier des Le Poetes Le Cellier des Le Poetes

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