Wilsen's Publishing, Books and Cards

By Courtney Donovan Smith
Translated by Angela Cheng
Photos by Courtney Donovan Smith

1, Alley 1, Lane 140, GongZheng Rd, West Dist.
(04) 2301-3662
Hours: 2-7 pm
Credit cards not accepted.

Probably best known for publishing over 30 books (largely teaching materials), Wilsen's also has a pleasantly-cozy small shop that reflects the interests of friendly owner Jenny Wilsen and specializes in a range of hard-to-find items. The largest part of the shop is taken up by mostly-English books, with an emphasis on the sort of quality books that are award-winning, critic favourites. Graphic novels and children's picture books are also prominent. Besides the books, Jenny is rightfully proud of her wide array of largely-imported postcards and greeting cards, which include quality letterpress cards as well as cards for religious events. Another specialty that makes Wilsen's unique is a range of scrapbooking materials. Rounding out the store's offerings are handcrafted and imported items of the sort that make special and thoughtful gifts, like soaps, coasters, notebooks, oven mitts, buttons and plush toys.

Wilsen's Publishing Wilsen's Publishing
Left: This shop is located in the first alley to the west of the MeiCun and GongZheng intersection. Look for the blue flags.
Right: Wilsen's is a great place to buy a gift, plus a gift card to go with it.

Wilsen's Publishing Wilsen's Publishing
Left: Lovers of English-language books will feel right at home here.
Right: There is a wide array of cards of all types, ranging from imported, hard-to-find quality letterpress cards to cards designed by local artists.

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