Fang Su Sin Caotun Handmade Mochi

Fang Su Sin Caotun Handmade Mochi
Fang Su Sin's Signature Mochi

Fang Su Sin Caotun Handmade Mochi
XO Hot Scallop Mochi

Fang Su Sin Caotun Handmade Mochi

By Bill Zeng
Translated by Angela Cheng

193, ZhongShan St, Caotun Township, Nantou County
(049) 239-1703
Hours: 5:30 am-7:30 pm
(open all year round)
Cash only.

Fang Su Sin has deep roots in its hometown of Caotun (Tsaotun), famous for its sandal-making businesses. Each morning in earlier days, the old founder was a familiar sight to local residents as he rode his bicycle around town selling his mochi glutinous-rice treats. Today, this business and its store are run by second-generation owner Chen Dong-sheng and his wife, who have not only inherited a handmade mochi-making business but also hope to introduce its original, traditional flavors to the Taiwanese public.

This shop's handmade mochi--made with a light dough and chewy fillings--has become a top souvenir product for Caotun tourists and other visitors. Fang Su Sin offers over 10 flavors, starting with its Signature Mochi, containing a three-flavor mixed red bean-peanut-sesame powder filling, and dusted with some peanut powder on the outside. This trademark treat melts in the mouth as it releases its rich flavors.

The shop also sells mochi in each of these individual flavors (peanut, sesame, red bean), as well as a unique XO Hot Scallop Mochi that is a bit salty and spicy in just the right taste combination.

The average price for a box of mochi is less than NT$100 and shipping is available.

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