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Passionwork (Green Ray store)

Passionwork (Green Ray store)

Passionwork (Green Ray store)

Passionwork (Green Ray store)

(04) 2301-6238
16, ZhongXing 1st Lane, West Dist.
Hours: 11 am-9 pm (Open all year round except national holidays)
Cash only.

The "Green Ray" shopping area near Park Lane/Eslite mall is home to this unique, nostalgic little store, decorated with homey-feeling, old-fashioned windows and an adorable garden. Walk inside and it feels like a friend's house, as everything, from the warm lighting to rare antiques, exudes a comfortable vibe. Passionwork mainly offers exotic-style products. Eighty percent of the clothing (NT$1,280-7,980) is handmade from handwoven fabrics imported from Thailand and India. Accessories (NT$458-3,980) include wool hats, bags, mufflers and blankets. --By Heidi Lee, translated by Angel Pu

A. This handmade notebook with beautiful embroidery has a removable cover that can be reused with another similarly-sized notebook after you've run out of pages. Each hand-painted cup is unique.

B. The Indian cotton scarves are handmade, so each one has a different pattern.

C. Colorful outfits mostly feature exotic Asian styles.

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