COMPASS MAGAZINE > December 2013


By Uvia Chang
Translated by Angel Pu

102, JiGuang St, Central Dist.
(04) 2223-3639
Hours: 12-9:30 pm (closed Thu.)
Credit cards accepted.

Following its heyday as a very busy shopping area in the 1970s and '80s, JiGuang Street went through a gradual decline together with the surrounding Central district. Today, however, this shopping area's older businesses are being joined by new, stylish clothing stores that are popular with the younger set. These include Danny's, which offers jeans, jackets and tops from various international brands such as Levi's, Lee, Edwin and some famous Japanese labels. There are also plenty of mid-priced jeans under NT$1,000 and local jean brands, including Big Group, BSJ and Kuike brands. The owner has been a Coca-Cola collector for 20 years and displays his collection--mostly Coca-Cola bottles--from all over the world in the store's glass window and, sometimes, will even buy his customers Cokes. Moreover, the owner's so considerate that there is a pinball machine, computer and free wi-fi Internet so that customers' companions can kill some time while their friends are busy shopping.

Danny's Danny's Danny's

Danny's Danny's

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