Showa Tea House
A tea tasting is NT$150 (at
least 2 people). The
Grandriders are seen tasting
oolong and black teas here.

Showa Tea House
The cast-iron tea kettle
(NT$50,000) is placed with
earthenware, a tea jar and

Showa Tea House

By Lishea Zheng 
Translated by Angel Pu

2, Lane 3, YiShu (Art) S St, Longjing Dist.
Hours: 3-9:30 pm
(closed Tuesday)
Credit cards not accepted.

When the antique-loving owner here noticed Qingshui Town Office's Japanese-style dormitory being torn down, he asked if he could use its leftover wooden framework to create a new building, now housing Showa Tea House. On display are the owner's collections, including Japanese tea sets and antique paintings. Customers can also savor and purchase Taiwanese high-mountain teas and black teas, served in for-sale Japanese tea sets. The delicious-looking roasted sweet potatoes in clay bowls also exude wonderful aromas.

Showa Tea House Showa Tea House
Left: This Mt. Fuji-style antique iron pot (NT$15,000) was made in Japan in 1925. This "hibachi" (fire bowl) is a traditional Japanese heating device made of elm (NT$20,000, with copper lining) and has a drawer underneath for shovels and fire tongs, plus a special
shovel for ash.
Right: The tea house is filled with the smells of tea and wood.

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