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Yu Tao Fang  Pottery Shop
This striking, dignified Guanyin
statue has slick, smooth lines

Yu Tao Fang Pottery Shop

By Ann Li
Translated by Angel Pu

(04) 2375-8707
49, WuQuan W 3rd St, West District
Hours: 1-9 pm

Situated on the Art Museum Parkway, Yu Tao Fang is a good destination for pottery lovers. The first floor mostly displays tea utensils, vases, bronze sculptures and other fine crafts, and the second floor exhibits works by several pottery masters. As they browse, shoppers can discover the meanings behind these works, from exquisite Buddhist statues to wall decorations. Even small pottery teapots and cups offer something interesting to appreciate. This is all part of the owner's hope that this shop will support local artists and promote the beauty of pottery to as many people as possible.

Yu Tao Fang  Pottery Shop Yu Tao Fang  Pottery Shop
Left: The ash glaze and shapes of the pottery cups vary from item to item.
Right: A set of tea art utensils.

Yu Tao Fang  Pottery Shop Yu Tao Fang  Pottery Shop
Left: "Dharma Crossing the River" is a bronze sculpture created by Xiao Ren-neng.
Right: A firewood pottery work by Wu Shui-yi has a natural wood texture. The castle, with its window sills, walls and roads, symbolizes hope and vitality.

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