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Huaqi Boutique
The bright, clean Huaqi

Huaqi Boutique
This enamel red kettle
(NT$2,100) can be used both
on induction cookers and gas
stoves. Customers can visit
www.marumitsu.jp to browse
items and the shop owner will
place orders on their behalf.

Huaqi Boutique

By Lishea Zheng
Translated by Angel Pu

(04) 2328-8217
21, DaRong W St, Xitun District
Hours: Mon-Fri 1-7:30 pm
Credit cards accepted.

Huaqi Boutique is the kind of place that girls who love Japanese-style outfits should never miss. The boutique not only imports the most fashionable clothing and products from Japan 2-3 times a month, but also offers to places orders on behalf of customers, providing magazines in the store for customers to select clothing and other items from.

Huaqi BoutiqueHuaqi Boutique
Left: A polka dotted dress (NT$10,800) has an adjustable wide waistband with bows on each side. A deep-blue necklace with white edge (NT$1,580) emphasizesthe gracefulness of the wearer.
Right: The combination of a brown wool jacket (NT$6,600), round-collared cotton shirt (NT$6,200) and casual khaki trousers is a suitable ensemble for either the workplace or leisure time

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