Umbrella King

Umbrella King
The Lovers' Umbrella (NT$450)
is designed to prevents
couples from getting wet in
heavy rains.

Umbrella King
Weapons-shaped umbrellas
(NT$590-800) include various
designs such as a katana
sword, fencing sword, shotgun,
and medieval knight's sword.
A cross-body strap and box
are part of the package when
buying these unique items,
made of high-quality parts
designed to resist not one's
enemies but strong winds
and heavy rain.

Umbrella King

By May Chen
Translated by Angel Pu

(04) 2451-5213
376, HeNan Rd, Sec 2, Xitun District
Hours: 1 pm-10 pm
Customer service hours: 10 am-6 pm (Mon-Fri)

Winning fame and fortune via its web-based business, Umbrella King now has 11 physical stores and has continued to successfully introduce new elements that include interesting designs, creative functions and good after-sale services to the umbrella industry. The company's reputation for great designs and quality are reflected in Umbrella King's two well-known slogans: "the best umbrella in the history" and "maintenance available for life". Just present the guarantee card and Umbrella King will repair up to two umbrellas for free. Even in the even that there are more than two umbrellas to fix, they will only charge customers for some material-related expenses.

Manager Chen of the Fengjia branch store says that an understanding of umbrella materials and correct usage and cleaning methods will enable umbrellas to stay in good condition longer. Umbrella prices range between NT$200 and NT$800, and customers who buy more than two (in the same price category) can get discounts.

Umbrella King Umbrella King
Left: The heart-shaped umbrella (NT$390) has a very creative design that can make umbrella use a romantic experience.
Right: The UV Sensor Umbrella (NT$690) is made of high-quality materials that really block sunlight. The handle of the umbrellas senses UV rays, allowing users to know how strong sunlight is while receiving good protection.

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