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Taiwan Media Company

Taiwan Media Company

Taiwan Media Company

By Ann Li
Translated by Angel Pu

1166-5, HuangZhong Rd, Sec 2, Xitun District (under Rt. 74 Taichung-Changhua Expressway at Xitun-Huangzhong roads intersection)
Service line: 0800-852-000
Call to ask about open hours in advance.

Taiwan Media Company is a group of young male professionals who are essentially dedicated to helping you commit your important and/or precious memories, events and moments to video. This business can help you record various activities such as business conferences, wedding videography, press conferences and celebration dinner parties. These trustworthy individuals are capable of handling everything from planning, shooting and post-production to final editing, giving their customes a worry-free experience.

Taiwan Media Company's main services include managing and coordinating activities, shooting and recording, and marketing. Besides helping clients plan lighting and sound, they also take charge of equipment set-up. Customers wanting to find a media company with excellent personnel and eqiupment are welcome to contact them for more information.

Taiwan Media Company Taiwan Media Company

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