1300 Only Porcelain 台灣文創精品

1300 Only Porcelain 台灣文創精品

1300 Only Porcelain

845, HouZhuang Rd, Beitun District
(04) 2422-5899
Hours: 8 am-5:30 pm Mon-Sat
(open Sundays by reservation)
Credit cards accepted.

This attractive boutique store serves as the Taichung showroom for 1300 Only Porcelain, a homegrown Taiwanese maker of very fine, exquisitely-detailed white porcelain decorative art items. While 1300 just began selling its products about a year ago, its Kaohsiung-based parent company has a quarter-century of experience producing decorative elements for buildings. 1300 Only Porcelain aims to promote itself to foreign tourists, collectors and others with its top-end range of hand-made creations--incorporating traditional Chinese and baroque-style Western themes--already widely exhibited in Europe, the United States and Asia and receiving very positive reviews. --By Douglas Habecker, translated by Angel Pu

A. 1300's in-house art team fully designs and hand-makes all items. Like this (pictured) creation, its mostly unglazed, three-dimensional white porcelain sculptures, lacking a base, seem to almost float above a surface and are only hand-detailed with 22-karat gold paint. In addition to being technically very difficult to create, some of its finest sculptures are also limited-edition works, numbered and signed by the artist.

B. Among the company's current line of about 60 different items are also more practical works, including flower vases, tea sets and candy/fruit bowls. Each year, 1300 Only Porcelain also produces a new Chinese zodiac animal-inspired series.

1300 Only Porcelain 台灣文創精品C. Somewhat improbably located on a quiet road in northern Taichung's Si Jang Li community, this beautiful store follows a similar showroom in Taipei and, according to management, will probably be soon joined by another Taichung shopping mall outlet.

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