Love 53 Park
Some Western occult-related
products include scented
talcum powder, doves' blood
ink, incense powder and
magical soaps. Ask the
professional teacher for
complete usage directions
because every product has its
own function and purpose.

Love 53 Park

By Uvia Chang
Translated by Angel Pu

(04) 2326-5519
15-5, HuaMei W St, Sec 1, West District
Hours: 2-8 pm

This shop is small but very cute and cozy-looking. Inside are various goods from Taiwanese designers, including scenery postcards, backpacks, plastic book covers with pictures, silver handmade rings, waterproof stickers, key chains, scarves, and cotton face masks. Every product is truly unique in its own way. Other products include a variety of female magical favorites like scented powders, essential oils and rings. In addition, the store features Rub the tarot card reader, ready to reveal your fortune.

Love 53 Park Love 53 Park
Left: The store offers a wide choice of products.
Right: Various little rings with cute graphics on them.

Love 53 Park Love 53 Park
Left: Handmade bead necklaces.
Right: You can choose some English letters and ask the craftsman to carve them on the ring for a final product that not only looks great on you but is also is a perfect gift.

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