FUFA Vintage Style Shoes

FUFA Vintage Style Shoes

By May
Translated by Angel Pu

(04) 2706-2159
3, Lane 90, FengJia Rd, Xitun District
Hours: 9 am-11 pm, Sat & Sun 1-11 pm
Credit cards accepted.

The shoes sold at Fufa are all made in Taiwan and this store is always introducing new designs. Over the course of only six years, Fufa has been come up with over 700 styles of shoes, with every style being sold in limited quantities. This company now also sells shoes internationally, with their bold colors and long-lasting materials making them a fashion leader. This is true to the point that even the world-famous fashion designer Issey Miyake has commissioned Fufa to do its designs. Another reason Fufa is so popular is its reasonable prices, with each pair of shoes selling for between NT$290 and NT$790.

FUFA Vintage Style Shoes FUFA Vintage Style Shoes
Left: Zebra Jelly Shoes (NT$500)--these striking stripes perfectly match short shorts for a very sexy look.
Right: Polka Dot Double Velcro Strap Skateboard Shoes (NT$590) offer cute Japanese pop culture-inspired footwear that is both comfortable and light.

FUFA Vintage Style Shoes FUFA Vintage Style Shoes
Left: These high-top fold-down sneakers (NT$690) use fold-down leather and laces to create a contrast. There are several ways of wearing them to highlight different styles.
Right: Black and Gold Bi-Color High-Top Sneakers (NT$490) are exquisite but simple sneaker designs that are striking but not over-the-top, complementing almost any style.

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