Formosa Lady Beauty Sap

Formosa Lady Beauty Sap

Formosa Lady Beauty Sap

576, DaMing Rd, 1F, Dali City, Taichung County
(04) 2406-1010
Hours: 10 am-8 pm
Credit cards accepted.

Professional, friendly, passionate and honest--this is how many customers are already describing their experiences under the powerful hands of the cosmetologists at Formosa Lady Beauty Spa. Building their business from the ashes of the 1999 921 earthquake in Nantou, the staff at Formosa have used their expert skills to expand their spa empire around Caotun and Dali. Services include Foot Massage and Energy Stone Massage, starting at NT$399; Full Body Oil Massage for 60 minutes, starting at NT$699; and Moisturizing Facial Treatment for 90 minutes, starting at NT$699. --By Niang Chen, translated by Naomi Lai

A. Entrance of the Formosa Lady Beauty Spa in Dali City.
B. Moisturizing Facial Treatment: The skin is cleansed and a French-style lymphatic massage is applied. The skin then goes through a steaming before deep pore extractions are performed. Then a moisturizing masque is applied to relax the skin. The treatment ends with a neck and shoulder massage.
Formosa Lady Beauty Sap
C. During massage, cosmetologists use all parts of their hands--including the palm, elbow, wrist and all the joints of the fingers--to crumple, press, push, roll and slide on the skin. This display of professional skill is a performance of power and beauty during every spa treatment session, providing the body the greatest level of enjoyment.


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