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German Foot & Nail Care


German Foot & Nail Care


German Foot & Nail Care

(04) 2462-2867
80, FuAn Rd
Hours: 10 am-7 pm
(closed Sundays)
Credit cards accepted.

Despite the tremendous pounding that our feet take, year after year, they are often one of the most-neglected parts of our body. Jessie Lin, owner of this attractive outlet for German foot, nail and skin care products and treatments, aims to change all that. The main focus here are healthy treatments and products for nails (both toe and finger nails). Chen, whose husband is German and has spent time in that country herself, focuses on marketing all-natural Peclavus brand products from Neuenburg-based Hellmut Ruck GmbH. Lessons about foot/skin care help customers know how to utilize these products. Everything is based on a German belief--not unlike Chinese foot reflexology--that healthy feet are key to good health. Various treatments start with basic pedicure-style options (NT$400/hand, NT$500/foot, NT$800/combined) that include a soak, nail cutting, treatment and massage. More sophisticated care includes Swiss/German "braces", made from gold bands and wires, to help correct and grow healthy nails. There are also treatments for ingrown nails, calluses and other problems, with more serious cases referred to specialist doctors. --By Douglas Habecker, translated by Ann Lee

A. The spa's treatment rooms include high-tech imported chairs, where customers can relax while getting one of the many treatments (NT$800-2,600) provided here by specially-trained staff members.

B. Over 40 different Peclavus skin and nail care products are available, including foot creme and powder, footbath concentrate, skincrack ointment, balm for rough skin, Mykolin-P anti-fungus solution, massage cream, vine-leaf gel for legs, essential oils, and herbal teas.

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