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New Fine Liquors of the Month

By Josie
Translated by Ann Lee

Aberfeldy Single Malt Whiskey

The Aberfeldy Distillery was established in 1896. The waters of its crystal-clear stream, situated alongside the distillery, are used to make its whiskies. Its natural surroundings also make it an ideal place to produce the finest single malt whiskey while, at the same time, acting as a habitat for endangered red squirrels to live in. Hundreds of years of tradition and a commitment to nature have shaped Aberfeldy's artistic approach to making whiskies. They insist on using barley specially grown by local Scottish farmers, which adds the fragrance of photina flowers and sweetness of honey to their whiskey. Aberfeldy Single Malt Whiskey has a smooth, full-bodied creamy texture that provides a mouth-warming effect and delicate flavors. In the book "Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible", written by Jim Murry himself, the author singled out this single malt for praise as a unique product. If you are someone who prefers a fruity aftertaste and something on the refreshing side, chill this whiskey first to lower its temperature on your tongue, smooth out the alcoholic sharpness and elevate the sweetness of its its flavors.

Aberfeldy Single Malt Whiskey Aberfeldy Single Malt Whiskey


Jacob's Creek Three Vines Shiraz Cabernet Tempranillo 2007 & Jacob's Grenache Shiraz

Currently, Mediterranean-style delicacies and wine culture are widely popular throughout the world, and are often a part of classy parties everywhere. Now, you can enjoy the Three Vines Shiraz Cabernet Tempranillo 2007, with three grapes that are a good representation of the three-variety theme in this range. This Australian wine label provides an interesting combination of strawberries, raspberries and deep red cherries, with a hint of earthiness and delicate flavors, making it one of the trendiest wines at the moment. These three varieties of top-quality wines supply a lively acidity that supports the fruit well. Meanwhile another wine, Jacob's Grenache Shiraz, has some nice body and cherry fruit aromas with hints of rose. Thanks to global warming changes throughout the environment, the Grenache Shiraz provides long-lasting flavors and a clean, smooth finish that goes very well with the Asian cuisine's tangy, spicy foods. Grenache Shiraz tastes especially smooth and refreshing after being chilled a little. It is recommended that you order a bottle when eating spicy hot pots, Sichuan-style cuisine and Thai dishes.

Jacob's Creek Three Vines Shiraz Cabernet Tempranillo 2007 & Jacob's Grenache Shiraz Jacob's Creek Three Vines Shiraz Cabernet Tempranillo 2007 & Jacob's Grenache Shiraz
Australian Chief Winemaker Benard Hickin makes complimentary remarks about the coloring of Jacob Creek's wines.

Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard Vodka boasts 70% market coverage in Russia, where it is said to be the best-selling top-quality vodka. Bottles of Standard Vodka are now making an appearance throughout Taiwan. Made only with original ingredients, this vodka is a number-one premium brand, distilled in Russia with only the finest Russian water, yeast and other ingredients. This provides the characteristic "bread" flavor of traditional Russian vodka. Standard Vodka is best enjoyed with top-notch caviar.

Russian Standard Vodka Russian Standard Vodka

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