Wu's Jewelry

Wu's Jewelry


Wu's Jewelry

By Niang Chen Translated by Ann Lee

5, Lane 285, ZhongXing St (near Hotel National)
(04) 2329-4866
Hours: 11 am-8 pm
Credit cards not accepted.

Decades ago, Lee Mei-hui took over a jewelry business from Mr. & Mrs. Wu, second- generation owners who sold jewelry door-to-door. In 1977, Ms. Lee established her own store at Zhong Yang Market, and named it Wu's Jewelry after her predecessors. After more than three decades of business, Lee has carved out a good reputation for herself as well as a steady stream of clients who appreciate her expertise. The selection of pearls, diamonds, jade and gold jewelry are designed in a way that best suits their color, grade and shape. An Italian 18-karat gold chain starts at NT$5,000 and all the other jewelry ranges from a couple thousand to hundreds of thousands NT dollars. But don't worry, the quality of your purchase is guaranteed--everything you buy here comes with a quality appraisal certificate.

Wu's Jewelry 小雅屋 寶石翡翠

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