By Vincent Huang Translated by Ann Lee

(04) 2320-5626
632-2, DaDun Rd
Hours: 11 am-10 pm
Credit cards accepted.

After gaining popularity in Taipei, the fashionable MOMA women's clothing brand has come to Taichung. This store, located on the corner of DaDun and GongYi roads, is their first outlet in Taichung. The store's interior decoration, which includes flannel on the walls and details of walnut and stainless steel, is low-key, warm, and comfortable. Although it looks glamorous and expensive, MOMA's collection is mostly affordable. Because new items come in every week, the clothing pieces here are limited in number. Although there are never any sales, discounts or special offers, their prices are fixed so that most of their customers can pick out what they want based on fit, style and look, instead of price. Apparel items range from NT$980 to NT$2,280; accessories run NT$390 to NT$690; handbags, NT$1,280 to NT$1,580; and shoes are around NT$1,990.

One staff member explained that, although MOMA has only been open in Taichung for a short period of time, they have already established a steady clientele. When new merchandise comes in, these regulars descend upon the store and the new items are usually gone after two or three days--especially when it comes to accessories. So if you want to try MOMA on for size, come early and come often--otherwise you're going to miss the best deals.

A. When looking at the fancy boutique decor, customers would
never guess that MOMA's prices were so affordable.

B. The staff recommends pieces from their "Silver Gray Knitted Dress Collection", which are NT$1,880 (retail price) each.


Left: This bag (NT$890, retail price), which would go splendidly with an evening gown, is decorated with glitter and silver beads.

Right: MOMA's clothing and accessories are ever-gaining in popularity with Taichung consumers.

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