Battle of the Brands: trendy autumn/winter collections from international designers

By Dionysus Translated by Ann Lee




With a mix of class and trendiness, Bally's women's wear emphasizes design details and quality. From dresses and pants to tulip-shaped skirts and handmade jackets, Bally's autumn and winter line has a lot to offer. Also included in the series are one-piece, slightly retro dresses with embroidered black designs. For the men's collection, Bally's offerings are simple and modern, making the clothes appropriate for an office meeting or a night out.





Fusing the themes of power and sports, and work and leisure is the design motivation behind this season's Aquascutum collections; this British brand's limited Vintage Collection, includes a series of coats inspired by classic Hollywood glamour.




Original, lasting and elegant is the theme of this season for ESPRIT. They've reached back into the 1960s for inspiration for their autumn/winter line, which provides shoppers with strong black/white contrasts, floral patterns, and retro cuts. The men's collection pulls in a 1960s theme as well as some architectural design inspiration for quite a fashionable look--their white collared, V-neck shirt is simple and practical.





Tango is the theme of this season's Kenzo line. Inspired mostly by Argentina's infamous first lady, Evita Peron, designs are mostly high-waisted with large, squarish floral designs, and braided cloth belts. Along with enlarged collars, Kenzo's line brings sex appeal back this season. They've also taken design ideas from the Japanese kimono by placing bows on belts, which is quite a breakthrough in design for this fancy Japanese brand.




LOEWE's overwhelmingly black and gold designs radiate sexiness in this season's collection. Black, silk skirts embroidered with gold thread; gowns with black and gold silk lines and tiny jewels; soft black, gold-tinted cocktail dresses--this hot collection gets a little futuristic and funky with some inspiration from the 1980s. The men's collection is energetic, trendy and elegant, drawing inspiration from the British gentleman.



Taking on the Art Deco style of the 1940s, FENDI's autumn/winter collection includes everything from clothing and shoes to leather goods. Their sharp designs are creating quite a stir, especially their "To You" handbag, which is the hottest of the season. This extra-large handbag is a marriage of design and practicality, an outstanding accessory for ladies this season.

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