Coffee Map

Coffee Map
Cartoon-themed cups and an
iron box

Coffee Map
Mr. and Mrs. Macchiato


Coffee Map

By Uvia Chang, translated by Ann Lee

8, YiShu (Art) S St, Longjing Xiang, Taichung County; (04) 2652-8282
Hours: 11 am-10 pm (Fri-Sat 11 am-11 pm)
Credit cards accepted for purchases over NT$600.

That's right, Coffee Map sells exactly that--coffee. This unique cafe displays a wide selection of coffee beans which are also for sale, along with other coffee-brewing utensils and dainty tea cups from around the globe. If you are someone who collects tea cups, then you'll have a great time poking through the diverse selection. Some of their merchandise includes: Germany Konitz mugs, Tiamo Mocca coffee mugs, Noritake ceramic cups from Japan, lids, round cups, breakfast mugs, and espresso cups--each cup costs around NT$200-250. From famous paintings and ancient Chinese stories to Mozart and the Little Mermaid, there should certainly be a mug for you among the neat patterns and hand-painted designs. After the great mug search is finally over, enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed, a la carte coffee at the bar. Prices range from about NT$70 to NT$100.

The Fairytale Series is a fun set of mugs


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