Superior Quality at Yumaowu Capita'n Supermarket

The Japanese-based supermarket Yumaowu (now Yumaowu Capita'n) has been in business for over 20 years at the same location. Seventy percent of store stock is consistent with what Japanese stores offer. The imported merchandise includes aquatic products, freshly-prepared produce, poultry and vegetable goods. To ensure quality, all imports are carefully examined before transportation to Taiwan.

Hami Melon from Shizuoka, Japan (NT$2,000/melon)
High-quality melon that's sweet and juicy. Try adding a few drops of brandy to add a unique flavor.

Morimoto Breads from Hokkaido (Taiwan store), Fish Roe with Mayonnaise Bread (NT$50/slice)
With imported ingredients from Hokkaido, Japan, Morimoto Bread is famous for baking their breads with expensive stone kilns. Baking bread at the constant temperature of 280 degrees creates a crispy crust and soft inside.

Honey & Fruits Jam (NT$300/per jar)
Honey & Fruits Jam comes in many flavors like strawberry, apple, apricot and blueberry. All have mixed fresh fruits and natural honey, with no added sugar. Eat it right from the jar or mix it with tea for a cup of fruit tea.

Shinsyu Apple Juice (NT$285/bottle)
Japan's tourism bureau highly recommends Shinsyu's Apple Juice. It is 100% pure juice, with a smooth texture and a slightly sour taste. Since it is preservative-free, drink it immediately after opening.

Rosenheim Vienna Sausages (100g for about NT$70)
These sausages are prepared on a daily basis by Japanese chefs and are made-to-order to ensure freshness. The beef/pork sausages come flavors like garlic, cheese and curry. Because they are free of preservatives and artificial coloring-free, consume within 3 days of purchase.

Da-Mai Pork (backbone) slices (NT$30/100g)
Apart from being a CAS-certified meat, Da-Mai Pork is the only qualified pork that is exported from Japan. Yumaowu always selects the highest-quality pork from their meat supplier.

Waffle Sundae by Baskin Robbins (NT$110)
Baskin Robbins ice cream is making its debut appearance in Taichung! Authorized by the U.S. to the Hokkaido Group in Japan, the ice cream is made with quality milk from and fresh seasonal fruits from Hokkaido. 31 flavors are available here at Capita'n. A regular cone or cup is NT$90, and a double is NT$150. Get a 31% discount on the 31st of every month with your double cone or cup choices!

Yumaowu Capita'n Supermarket
(04) 2321-6360
GongYi Branch: 150, GongYi Rd
Credit cards accepted. Rooftop parking.


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