B.Hive Biotechnology

By Douglas Habecker Translated by Ann Lee

(04) 2329-6748
6, GuanQian Rd.
Hours: 10 am- 9 pm
(opens 2 pm Mondays)
Credit cards accepted.

This shop, which opened last year right next to Caves Bookstore, focuses on offering all-natural beauty and health products custom-made with essential oils, as well as various forms of massage. The parent company, over 20 years old, is locally based but has long-term experience in providing OEM products to reputable brands, mostly in Italy. This groundbreaking shop markets these products--including a facial line (like cleansers, toners, creams, lotions, masks) and a body line (like shampoo, bath oils, body creams), plus organic cleansers, incense and perfume--under its own Azure brand. As Manager Wei Chuang (who also speaks fluent English) points out, what makes B.Hive unique is its ability to tailor-make its products to individual female and male clients' needs, based on a skin analysis. Just as good, customers can bring back products and adjust formulas as needed. This is possible because of the company's experience in producing the basic ingredients--84 essential oils such as violet, lime, neroli, lavendar, rose, angelica, fennel, jasmine and mint--which are also sold individually to customers, who can also take offered classes on mixing their own facial and body products. Massage treatments are available by reservation and include the NT$1,000 facial massage (90 minutes), whole-body massage and others, which come with steam room sessions. Yoga and massage classes are also offered.

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