Office ladies enter an exquisite classical era

--- By G2000_Jessie Cheng Translated by Mei Lee

Are you still into classic office fashions? If so, you're in luck, as this year's office wear
focuses on the 20th Century, specifically 1940 to 1960. Rather than the dark, mature
look, there is a return to the elegant, rakish look of older times with several lively elements added, including velvet, silk and lace. Mix them boldly and confidently!

Outfits with extreme style
Going to extremes is a focus this season with soft, pretty bow styles, elegant feminine lotus-leaf fringes and 3-D creased patterns. Try office wear with a hint of Victorian-era fashion, or couple it with jeans for a modern-looking ensemble. Hat-wearing becomes trendy with lively, able and smart looking rock-and-roll styles, including peaked hats and army caps.

Narrow-lined, slim-looking jackets
Jackets styles this season include stand-up collars, big turndown collars, fur collars, belted overcoats and wool or nylon mid-length outer garments, which are all businesslike. This displays the metropolitan woman's practical, elegant touch. Cut to fit, slender short jackets are popular this year, distinguishing graceful and curvaceous figures. Matched with cavalier leather gloves, hardness and softness unite to restore a vintage sense of refined beauty.

The open-collared cardigan
Being modestly fashionable and extremely practical is an ideal for office ladies. With a youthful glow, colorful cardigans are a necessity for each season. Round and V-shaped collars are already on the market. Coupled with white shirts and jeans, this style is relaxing and fresh-looking. Black, bright purple, orange and vivid red colors are all matchable. For any formal occasions, you only need to wear simple black skirts and pants with pearl necklaces or other accessaries to provide a more serious look.

New-style fashionable leggings
Among the most popular fashions are leggings, the tights which prevail among Hollywood stars to express curves for every figure. Black elastic ones are the top choices. Exaggerated colors and printed patterns, matched with high heels, are also excellent for parties. Different lengths of leggings are all appropriate for matching with one-piece dresses or "A" shaped skirts. If you are more conservative, we recommend thick trousers to express a beautiful, timely style.

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