--- By Alice Wu Translated by Iva Huang

Taiwan winter is upon us once again and, for those of you who have not yet experienced one, the rumour is true: it gets COLD. I'm not talking about the minus 20 degree Celsius weather I was used to back in Toronto. No, no-in Taiwan the mercury rarely dips below 12 Celsius, but the problem is that it's a wet cold, making it that much more unbearable.

During the winter, it's very important to take care of the body's biggest organ--the skin. In the summer, everyone knows SPF is key, but what do you do in the winter? Considering Taiwan's urban pollution, your best bet is to cleanse and moisturize, particularly if you are exposed to the outside smog that contains particles of dirt, exhaust fumes and contaminants all ready to clog as many of your pores as possible.
If you tend to have dry skin, opt for a milky or creamy cleanser. These tend to contain more moisturizing agents and won't leave your skin feeling "pulled". However, most people in this country probably don't encounter dry skin very often, in which case they should use light, foaming cleansers as these won't strip your face of moisture, but won't weigh it down either. Taking into account the wintry humidity in Taiwan's subtropical environment, it will suffice to say that heavy moisturizers are not necessary. Instead, try a water-based, quick-absorbing lotion. These products are less liable to make you feel like you've slathered on cooking oil (unless, of course, you like that).

Of course, if you find yourself exposed to the sun, it's still a good idea to slap on some SPF, perhaps not the 1000 proof you use in the summer, but a slightly more moderate number, say SPF15. And this advice goes the same for men and women. Take this chance to save your own skin-it'll thank you in the end.

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